We can be found regularliy manning our market stall at various events and farmers markets around in the area.


Cornish Chicken at Farmers Market


Our little family run farm in Morvah overlooks some of the most breathtaking coastline in the uk.


The Cornish Chicken Co Farm

Cornish chicken – wild, free and wonderfully tasty.

The Cornish Chicken Company produces and sells delicious free-range chicken from a family-run farm in West Cornwall. We supply some of the best restaurants in Cornwall, as well as making sure that domestic kitchens are filled with the mouth-watering aroma of roasting chicken…

We chose our chickens for their fantastic flavour. The breed is slow-growing, resulting in a larger bird with incredibly succulent meat. We also had to make sure that they would fit in with their rugged Cornish environment so they’re an independent and hardy bunch, roaming freely in the fields above the sea, eating their fill of the tasty local flora and fauna.

Because they are happy and healthy, very well-fed and genuinely free-range, our chickens have a lovely rich flavour that you don’t get with more intensively-farmed birds.

Find out more about Cornish chickens and where you can buy them. If you run a professional kitchen and are interested in trying this superb free-range chicken, please contact us.