Be Australian this Christmas

Fancy a real change from the traditional British Christmas? If the weather’s dry, how about taking it outside? While looking into some delicious alternatives to the traditional roast dinner, I stumbled across this Antipodean suggestions for livening up your Christmas lunch.

Well, why not? It might be fun to copy our Aussie cousins and cook your chicken on the barbie. You don’t have to go as far as taking the whole meal down to the beach (but again, why not? This is Cornwall after all…) While the chook gets all lovely and succulent on the barbecue, your guests can mill around with warming cups of mulled wine…) and the kids can play in the garden. Bonzer.

Australian website Lifestyle Food has a collection of festive chicken recipes. I really like the look of this one from chef Adrian Richardson where the barbecued bird has a romesco marinade. There are some absolutely gorgeous flavours going into that mix, and your neighbours will be so jealous when they smell the aromas of grilling marinated chicken coming from your garden!