Cornish Chicken Kiev

Remember these? This 1980s favourite is back, in all its kitsch glory. Now we’ve tried it again (with great quality chicken, obvs), we can’t understand we why ever stopped eating it. It’s being resurrected by some for the restaurants we supply, and we’re loving this retro kick-back.

It’s a bit fiddly, but definitely do-able. Allow plenty of time, as it needs to spend a bit of time in the fridge mid-preparation.

To serve two, you will need:

2 chicken breasts
2 crushed garlic cloves
50g soft salted butter
Chopped parsley – 1 or 2 tablespoons
2 beaten eggs
2 tablespoons plain flour
4 tablespoons seasoned breadcrumbs, made from stale white bread
Oil for frying – vegetable or sunflower

Make the garlic butter by mixing the butter, garlic and parsley. Roll it into 2 sausage shapes and wrap them in cling film. Keep them in the fridge until you are ready for them.

“Butterfly” the chicken breasts. Lay the breast flat on the chopping board. Put one hand on top of it, and with the other, use a sharp knife to slice into one side of the breast. Be careful not to cut all the way through to the other side. You can then open it out so that it looks like butterfly wings, or an open book.

Cover both sides of the butterflied breasts with cling film, then set to them with a rolling pin. Bash them until they are about half a centimeter thick.

Now add the butter. Put a “sausage” at one end of the flattened breast and roll the chicken around the sausage. You can use a bit of egg and flour to stick any loose bits together. Roll it again, this time making a sausage shape from the chicken, and pop it in the fridge for a bit.

Take three shallow bowls for the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. Dunk the frozen stuffed breasts in each bowl – first the flour, then the eggs, and finally the crumbs. You can do this twice of you want to be sure the coating is generous. Put them in the fridge again, for about half an hour (this makes them easier to fry).

Heat the oil in an ovenproof frying pan and fry the chicken breasts on both sides until they are lightly browned. Pop them in the oven (at 200C or gas mark 6) and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until a lovely warm golden-brown colour and completely cooked through.

Serve with slices of lemon. Watch out for that famous squirt of garlic butter!