Have yourself a smokin’ Christmas!

If the sign of a good Christmas dinner is in the love, care and time it took to prepare, then a whole smoked chicken is certainly a splendid meal! Smoked poultry, meat and fish are real tastes of winter, going back to the days when it was the main way of preserving food. These days, because it involves a fair bit of effort (and imagination), smoked chicken is a real treat. This recipe for smoking a whole bird is American, but uses straightforward ingredients.

Getting your hands on a smoker can be trickier – you can improvise with a barbecue with a lid, and believe it or not, Pinterest has some interesting suggestions for home-made smokers!

However you choose to cook your Cornish chicken this Christmas, I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know how you served your chicken, and send me your recipe ideas and tips – we’re always on the look-out for different festive suggestions!

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