Some Japanese flavours this Christmas

We are really doing a mini round-the-world tour with these recipes. This time I think I’m turning Japanese (I really think so!). Although, it’s actually a dish from the American South that the Japanese have taken to.

Now, this idea is a bit of a contentious one… Christmas is not a Japanese festival, but it’s become a celebration of all things Western that many families take part in. Back in 1974, KFC launched an advertising campaign in Japan based on the slogan “Kentucky for Christmas”. As ad campaigns go, it was a great success, with an estimated 3.6 million Japanese people eating from the US fast food chain on Christmas Day. Diners actually have to pre-book their family buckets or whatever…

As you can imagine, fast food chicken is really not my thing! However, this story got me thinking… If you’re looking for an informal festive feast for your family, fried chicken isn’t a bad idea – but make your own!!! Here’s a good version of this American classic from Jamie Oliver. He suggests serving the chicken with sweet potatoes – mmmmmmm…

However you choose to cook your Cornish chicken this Christmas, I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know how you served your chicken, and send me your recipe ideas and tips – we’re always on the look-out for different festive suggestions!

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